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Dipl.-Ing. Adrienne Rubatos, MBA

Intercultural Business Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Expert for Eastern Europe, Focus on Romania and Hungary

Adrienne Rubatos was born and raised in Transylvania. She descends from a “multicultural” family. In 1980 she moved to Germany. Munich has remained her main residence so far.

She holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich (studies also in Transylvania) and an Executive-MBA degree from Henley Management College / UK. Through her thesis and further university courses she specialized in Intercultural Management. She is a certified intercultural coach and a systemic business coach.

Ms. Rubatos has extensive international management experience. She worked 16 years as a Project-, Product- and Marketing-Manager for a top technology company. She was responsible for the relationship management with global key accounts such as Nokia, Samsung, Philips and Alcatel. She developed business strategies and lead trainings, workshops and negotiations worldwide.
Today she works as an independent intercultural consultant, coach and trainer. She accompanies her customers in their projects, processes and change programs through the most suitable interventions: coaching, leadership and management programs, various training, mediation, facilitation, teambuilding, large-group events, workshops, consulting, e-tools supporting the other activities etc. Among her satisfied clients are Daimler, BCR/ERSTE Bank, Unilever, Bosch, Siemens Group, BMW, EADS, Raiffeisen IT, E-ON Group, BASF, Continental, Metro Group, Bombardier, TMD-Friction, BOS, Knorr-Bremse, Michelin, Hella, Schaeffler, Dräxlmaier Group, ECE, Akzo Nobel, Zumtobel etc.

Ms. Rubatos is fascinated with the transformation process in Eastern Europe. Her major commitment is to make a contribution to an effective cooperation between East and West, both in business and in various societal domains.

She is an associate professor of IBR, an International MBA University teaching in India, China, Ukraine, Israel. Among her volunteer activities, she is engaged in a Christian NGO supporting Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Eastern Europe.

Among other publications, she is the author of the very first intercultural learning material on the market, to deal with Romanian business and work life (diversophy® Romania). In addition she is a Cultural Correspondent for Argonaut-Online® and a regular lecturer at SIETAR (the global society for intercultural education, training and research). Currently she is working on her training book “Beruflich in Rumänien”.  She is active member in the global networks of Change Management Facilitators and of Global Executives’ Coaches, among others.

Adrienne Rubatos is proficient in English, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Italian and French.

Personal Philosophy and Work Principles

Openness, Craetivity
Besidethe described services, or maybe inspired by those is there anyfurther idea or desire you wish to apply I your organization? I amalways open to start with an “empty table”, to co-create with youas client or as partner/colleague a new concept or approach, whichtakes people & business forward.

Laying the right foundation
Carefulpre-analysis and a jointly agreed design are conditions “sine quanon” for every optimal training, workshop or consultancy.

Each offer is unique
Everysingle activity is developed to customer’s wishes and task,specifically out of the presented services package, enriched with newones we agree upon.

The best combination
Themethods and tools used are adapted to the task, environment andparticipants. Both classical and new creative methods as well asonline tools are applied.

Fruitful Co-operations
Togain maximal effectiveness, depending on the concrete requirements,professionally and internationally experienced partners will beinvolved as co-trainers or co-consultants. This is of high importanceespecially when working with larger groups, very complex and intenseprojects or simply with many different cultures.

Iinvolve myself with passion as a co-trainer or a co-consultant intoconsultancy processes, training programs, workshops or large events,which either already started or which will be initiated by internaltask forces or other consultants, in order for me to represent theintercultural, the CEE- or the Romanian „voice“ in that process.

Theentire consultancy activity is based on the respect and esteem fornational cultures, for organisational and departmental cultures andfor every single person. In the interaction and cooperation betweenthem we aim at reciprocal understanding and, based on this, we movetowards efficiency and profit.


In publishing process: „Ost ist nicht gleich Ost – Kooperation innerhalb von MOE“ : Ost-West Contact – Das Wirtschaftsmagazin für Ost-West Kooperation, probably June 2008

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“Doing Business with Romanians” - Diversophy®: intercultural study material for managers, in German and English, George Simons International 2004,,

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Conference papers

= Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research

Sietar Global Congress 2008 Granada: 2 Papers submitted

Sietar European Conference 2007 Sofia: Paper: “Intercultural work at the very heart of the business - mixed top management team within German automotive industry in Romania”

Sietar German Congress 2006 Bonn Workshop: Change Management Simulation Game

Sietar European Congress 2006 Nizza: Workshop “Adapting Intercultural and Management Methods: Is best practice best for all”

Sietar European Congress 2006 Nizza: Paper: “If they are Christians, why do they have holes in their roads? - Orthodoxy vs. Protestantism, and their effect on life and business”

VII East Forum (East European Management and Economy) 2005 Chemnitz, University of Technology, Faculty of Business Sciences, September – Paper: “Business Culture Change in Romania – Assessment of Bedrock, Work Systems and Behaviour”

Sietar UK Congress 2005 London, Middlesex University: Paper: : “Doing Business in an Enlarging Europe –The Romanian Business Culture”

Sietar European Congress 2004 Berlin: Paper: “Romania – Mapping the transition”

Sietar European Congress 2004 Berlin: Workshop: “EU Enlargement - Bridging East and West for an effective cooperation”

Universities, Academia – teaching, lectures,seminar contributions

IBR (Institute for international business relations), Associated Professor for Cross Cultural Management, Change Management and Coach for several Strategy and Entrepreneurship courses (IBR: Institute for International Business Relations, German MBA university with international accreditation and activities)

Cooperation and exchange on intercultural and management research, teaching and practice on informal basis with several universities in Germany (F. Schiller Jena, Technical Univ. Chemnitz, München LMU and FH etc.), Switzerland (Zürich, Winterthur etc.), Hungary (Corvinus etc.) and Romania (Technical Univ Cluj, Gh. Asachi Iasi, Politehnica and Univ. Vest Timisoara, Univ. Oradea etc.)

Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Forum “East-West Contact”, May 2005, Lecture: „Interkulturelles Wissen als Erfolgsfaktor in deutsch-rumänischen Geschäftsbeziehungen“

Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Juni 2005, Seminar: Kulturübergreifende Personalarbeit, Workshop contribution: „Leitbilddefinition in der deutschen Mutterfirma – Übertragbarkeit in die weltweiten Niederlassungen“

Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Winterthur, Professor van den Bergh, 2005-2007 in Bern, Seminar contribution: "Mittel-Osteuropa - Interkulturelle Kompetenz für schweizer Diplomaten“

Süd-Osteuropa Institut Munich, Copernicus Group of Eastern European Students, April 2004, Lecture: „Deutsch-rumänische Geschäftsbeziehungen – ein alternativer Bericht“

University of Vest, Timisoara/Romania, International Economic Symposium, Mai 2004 – Lecture: “Mapping the Transition of Romanian Business Culture”

Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Interkulturelle Kommunikation, May 2003, Seminar: Auslandentsendungen, Prof. Moosmüller, Lecture: „Deutsche und nicht-deutsche Geschäftsbeziehungen aus kontrastiver Perspektive - Schlaglichter“