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Working languages

German, English, Romanian, Hungarian – and as supportive second language French and Italian.
Multilingual facilitation including the languages mentioned above is possible at extra costs. With my global partners other languages can be supported.


Intercultural Training

Intercultural Awareness and Competence (global competence and possible basis for country trainings)

Intercultural Training - Romania

Intercultural Training – Hungary and Intercultural Training Romania – Hungary or CEE as region

Intercultural Training – Germany (Austria/CH) (other countries/regions with partners of my global network)

Intercultural Training – about any culture for participants from Romania / CEE

Intercultural Training for culturally mixed groups (which include CEE participants)

Diversity Training

Training of Romanian (CEE) managers/employees in Western Management-Skills

Culturally-sensitive introduction to and practicing of „Soft”-Skills e.g.

Initiative and individual accountability of the employees


Teamwork, sharing work

Communication (in intra- and intercultural environments)

Assertive Communication

Feedback culture

Decision-making and Problem-solving

Presentations, meetings and moderation skills

Aspects of project management (also time and resource management)

Aspects of ethics

Train-the-Trainer and Train-the-Coach in different departments or hierarchical levels

Supported by various TOOLs to assess individual development needs

Culturally-sensitive introduction to and practicing of Business-Skills, e.g.:

Quality- and customer orientation, understanding the concept of market and competition

Understanding basic business principles and performance orientation in a company

Basics of strategic thinking and planning: internal and external analysis of the company, success factors

Business Plan as internal planning and budgeting tool

Change Management with ChangeGame (Business Simulations SW-TOOL)

Kick-off Events for Projects and Trust-building, long-term support of multicultural or monocultural teams e.g.

Top-Management Team of the company

Specific project teams or expert teams

Team Development for a Romanian team

Team/Networking measures for a certain professional group of Romanians (e.g. a Department, HR personnel, Mid-Management, Personal assistants, Technical experts etc.)

Supported by various Online-TOOLs for cultural learning, individual coaching or team-trust measurement


For international companies

For Joint-Ventures, M&A, Green-Field- and Change-Processes: Assessing, Developing, Accompanying the co-operation from the human/cultural side (cultural integration, cultural change…)

Need-analysis and design of HR-development programmes

Strategic issues of international HR-management, e.g.: Corporate vs. HR Strategy, Globalisation strategies, Transfer of Values, Management- and Work-Methods or -Processes from the (Western) headquarter into other countries

For international businesses in Romania in addition:

The Romanian personnel (education, structure, expectations, motivation, loyalty, influences etc...)

HR-management in Romania – cultural aspect (recruitment, work sharing with expats, leading / objectives, feedback, HR-development and - promotion, exits, landscape of consultancies etc...)

Negotiations with Romanians

Supported by various TOOLs/methods to grasp the corporate culture and to assess general development needs

For Romanian companies

Developing a professional management

Change management projects

Preparation for the Western European and global market


Coaching– individuals, teams, projects, organizations

Executive Coaching and Business Coaching – systemic and solution focused approach

Coaching – preparing and accompanying expats (in both directions, e.g. from or towards Romania)

Coaching of Western experts / leaders working in CEE

Coaching of Romanian / CEE experts, workers or leaders, as well as students and scientists going abroad

Coaching of specialized groups (expert-group, HR, sales, service, production personnel, quality circles, etc)

Coaching of departments or whole organizations in an intercultural context - to solve a problem, to improve and develop or to change

Coaching of local managers and team leaders

Supported by variousOnline-TOOLs for cultural learning and individual coaching

Supportive Online Tools

The work with people and with the concrete process dynamic during interventions always remains the most essential contribution, however some online-tools have proven themselves useful to trigger further reflections and discussions and to uncover aspects of a personality, team or organization, which were invisible before.

I recommend the following tools in certain work settings; all of them require a certification process:

Energy8 - to describe, summarize organisational culture as perceived by the employees and compare with the personal style of the them, showing both the match as well as the distribution and emphasis of such a culture according to 8 predefined energy-models (based on Young’s archetypes).

Argonaut - creating a personal profile according to 12 cultural dimension, comparable then with country profiles. The tool offers hints of how to act in case of cultural gaps, further continuously expanding information about tens of countries and a good introduction to interculture itself.

On-line course intercultural management - video based on 6 sessions to complement face2face training

International Profiler - mirrors an individual’s preferred approach to working internationally and shows, across 22 key success factors , where the person puts more or less focus, energy and attention. By comparing the international role requirements of the individual with their scores, powerful feedback and coaching can be given to people who depend on international skills for professional success.

Team Trust Indicator - all team members assess various aspects of trust in the sense of what they get and what they would need from other team members. Both the gaps and the levels across 10 trust criteria and 50 elements of trust give concrete indicators about where to improve trust in the team. Very helpful, especially in multicultural and virtual teams, where trust is even more relevant than in mono-cultural teams. The results provide a trust compass which when discussed openly can leverage the power of this key to productive teamwork.. The tool is based on international research on trust.

Team Trust Indicator as Feedback-tool for Team-leaders - this version of the tool mentioned above collects the perceptions of the team members about trust aspects directly referring to the team-leader – what they get and what they want. Extremely useful to provide a differentiated feedback to leaders who want to learn how they can personally contribute to trust development in their team.

Online platforms for virtual team work – from Humap Oy Finland make virtual work, communication and contacts more practical and enjoyable.

ChangeGame - SW Simulation, a business game to practice change management in a company. Every action step is evaluated by the system, not always allowing corrections – a very realistic process. The tool is based on ample research and on a real case.

EIS and HingHe Change Management Simulation – in an European and separate in an Asian environment, exploring the influence of the culture in the change process

Events and Lectures

Events for large groups, Open Space and Future Search methods

Lectures about Doing Business in Romania / CEE, Romanian-German Co-operations, Diversity

Intercultural Communication and Management; Challenges of cross-cultural and global business,

Strategy, Best Intercultural Business Practices, Intra-CEE relationships, Power and Culture, East-West perspectives, Preserving vs. Adapting values and identities, Synergies of cultures, What Westerners miss and what they appreciate in CEE, Romanian business seen with foreign eyes etc.

Listeners may be business people, students, people moving abroad, chambers of commerce, company internal assignment, cultural institutes, NGOs, clubs, schools etc.


I offer compact seminars and courses in Intercultural Communication or Intercultural Management for universities. Apart from academic and theoretical learning, these courses may contains personal, experimental learning elements and practicing of soft-skills. The target is to strengthen intercultural awareness and to prepare students for studies and work abroad or for cooperations with foreigners in a global world. The students may come from any faculty.

Selection of Recent References

Intercultural Training, Coaching, Consultancy

E-ON Hannover (RO, I)

Siemens VDO (today Continental Corp.)Timisoara / Romania

Bosch Stuttgart / Bucharest

BoschRexroth Schweinfurt / Blaj

Daimler London / Berlin (CEE)

EADS Paris / Bucharest (D, F, RO)

ECE Hamburg (CEE)

Raiffeisen-IT Brasov / Wien

E-ON IS GmbH Munich (RO, Cz)

BASF Germany + CEE – H, RO

Continental Group Germany (RO)

Ford Europe (ongoing) Europe / Craiova

MGI, Metro Group - IT Düsseldorf / Bucharest

Siemens PG Mülheim ad R. (RO)

Suez Group (Tractebel) Brussels / Bucharest

MAM, Metro Group - Asset Management Düsseldorf / Bucharest

Akzo Nobel Budapest / Bucharest, Brasov

Knorr Bremse Munich / Budapest / (H, D)

Real, Metro Group Düsseldorf / Europe (CEE, D)

TMD Friction Caransebes / Germany / UK

Schaeffler Group Germany / Brasov

BOS Automotive Products Györ / Arad

Zumtobel AG Austria/Germany/ Romania

Atoss Munich (RO)

Rolem / HIB Dräxlmaier Group Brasov / Germany

Lisa Dräxlmaier GmbH Germany / Romania (RO,D)

Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. Automotive Lippstadt/Germany (RO)

EDA (Eidg. Departement für auswärtige Angelegenheiten) Bern Switzerland (CEE)

Management Circle, Frankfurt (RO)

Bayerisches Wirtschaftsministerium, Management Zentrum, Odessa/Ukraine

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine

( RO=Romania, H= Hungary, CEE= Central-Eastern-Europe, D=Germany, F= France, I=Italy etc. as target cultures )

Technology, Product and Sales Training globally for:

Swiss Port,
TIM Italia,
Italian Navy