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Following partners are either living in the given regions or they are professionals for the indicated culture and business environment, while living elsewhere. This is a selection and not the whole of the network, in addition the network is continuously growing.


Germany several OD, systemic consulting and coach professionals, facilitators, change manager, HR specialists and intercultural and other training institutes
Austria K. Parfuss, E. Reif, P. Bitter, B. Weber
Switzerland C. Uehlinger,
S. van den Bergh
France N. Caldwell, P. de Bartha, I. Demangeant, G. Piernikarch, C. Viol
Belgium Propellor Ltd., L. Semic, Suk-G. Han
T. C. Vermeer, R. Berbé
Italy D. Trickey, I. Castiglioni, I. Demangeant
J. Wilson, Ch. Wirths, D. Trickey
Scandinavia S. Bakke-Seeck
Norway N. A. Krokeide
FinlandHumap Oy
GreeceAnna Corbett
Turkey N. Boysan-Dietrich, S. Yurdakül
Israel Y. Blumental, Ch. Gratz-Shmuely

Europe CEE/SEE

Romania to complement and co-facilitate my activities, I cooperate with several best class consulting and trainer institutes and individual professionals all over Romania
Hungary Szent-Imrey T., A. Juhos, I. Polyak, M. Gericke, Corvinus and Reformed univ. , KPMG academy etc.
AlbaniaE. Zhebo
Poland E. Fedorowicz, A. Pietlicka, P. Swiatkowski,P. Walentynowicz
Russia G. Koptelzeva, G. Pfeffer, K.Thies, V. Jasenskaya
Ukraine A. Kavaltscuk, Management Centre Odessa, IBR
Czek Republik
H. Birke, L. Bouskova
Slovenia J. Polajnar, M. Novak, M. Finžgar
Solvakia L. Bouskova. M. Lachka, H. Birke
M. Tubic-Kecojevic, L. Semic, I. Vurdelja
Bulgaria M. Jicheva, V. Meurer
Baltic L. Normund, L. Peciulene


US E. Retta, I. Vurdelja, I. Antipa, G. Simons, V. Fruchart, P. Schmidt
Canada D. Johnston, W. Slenders
Mexico E.Retta, D M Vásquez
Central Amerikas
C. Brink, A. Hauser
South America
V.+ E. Baron, G. Brenson-Lazan, A. Hauser
Brazil Sven Fröhlich-Archangelo, M. A. Meister, Stafan Meister


S. Benerjee, J. Paulson, J. Mahadevan
Japan A. Niesen, M. Krause-Ono, H. Okuda
Indonesia L. Sjamsil-Monham (Chen Yili)
MalaysiaM. Ng
Korea Suk-G. Han
PhillipinesH. Karcher
Arab countries    
A. Hauser, M. Jamil
EgyptS. El Said
IranP. Namazie


South Afrika
P. Huysamer, C.-H. Mayer, C. Murray
L. Baale
NigeriaL. Baale
GhanaG. Abankwa-Meier-Klodt


V. Sherhood, C. Gratz-Shmuely